About Us

VJS Polled Herefords is a family owned and operated Polled Hereford operation located in western Kansas, just north of Hays. Our cow herd consists of 250-300 registered Polled Herefords, depending on stocking rates.

The operation began in 1929 as Staab Hereford Ranch, by John C. and Alex Staab. John and Alex sold bulls and heifers through the years to commercial breeders. In 1943 they purchased 6 Polled Hereford heifers to start a polled herd. Through the years, the three sons, Benno, Virgil, and Francis would operate the Staab Hereford Ranch.

In 1974 the partnership dispersed, and Virgil along with his wife Wilma would begin Virgil J. Staab and Sons Polled Herefords. They raised 6 children, Linda, Tim, Brian, Tom, and twins, Lori and Lisa. Through the years the kids would show cattle at 4-H fairs and the Kansas State Fair. Virgil sold bulls at state sales throughout all of Kansas. Virgil sold his last Horned Hereford in 1980, and since that time has raised all polled cows. The operation then took on a name change in 2008 to VJS Polled Herefords. The name VJS Polled Herefords, because the prefixes were all “VJS” and there were now girls helping in the operation.

In the 1970’s, VJS Polled Herefords began implementing Artificial Insemination. We felt that we could improve our herd quicker with a sound A-I program. We now A-I approximately 50% of our cow herd every year. With a successful A-I program we are raising genetically sound cattle for our customers. Aiding in our A-I selections, we have also implemented an ultrasound program for carcass data. In 2000, we started sending our steers to Ford County Feeders through the Certified Hereford Beef program. This carcass data has also become a great marketing tool not only for ourselves, but for our customers as well.

The operation now consists of Brian, Tim, and Tim’s son, Nathan. We have been next to our father (Virgil) through the years of all the changes within the breed. We are consistently breeding cattle that are genetically sound and efficient. VJS Polled Herefords has become a Gold TPR Breeder with the American Hereford Association, which helps supply our customers with the most accurate EPD’s possible for the progeny they are selecting. We have also been honored as one of the top 20 breeders of the association with Dams of Distinction, and in 2015, we were ranked 5th of all breeders with 25 DOD’s. We feel that we have been able to accomplish all of this with the breeding of efficiency and consistency in our cow herd.